Utah Barber License

Utah Barber License

Before starting, it is necessary for you to know that the institution regulating and overseeing these procedures is the Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing – Cosmetology & Barbering.

There is another essential point that you must take into consideration. Though these regulations give you a comprehensive idea of the topic and guide you through the whole practice, you would better go to your local offices and clarify everything to be on the safe side.

Thus, there are several phases you need to pass through. The first one refers to the completion of a special studying program or apprenticeship. Application is the next phase that is followed by the examination.

When you undertake all these and receive the document needed, you are to make sure that the permit does not expire. In short, the last phase is about updating or renewing.

Methods For Receiving A Utah Barber License

There are two ways through which you can obtain the needed qualifications. The first method is the special studying program and the second one is the apprenticeship.

The initial option is for students who are to finish 1,000 hours of education at an approved special school. What refers to the apprenticeship, you are to gather 1,250 hours of experience under the control of an authorized expert.

Registration Application

After you complete your education at an approved school, you are to apply for registration. Before this, read the candidate guide that details the essentials. For registration, you are to present some paperwork. Your completed application along with your hairstylist diploma is necessary.

You are also to provide your birth certificate copy. They also require a copy of your social security card. After this, deliver the fee which costs $60. When they process your submission, you are free now to apply for a permit.

Examination For Utah Barber License

The National-interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology oversees these procedures. The theoretical exam and the practical exam are the ones that you must pass.

There are several themes that you must prepare before taking the written one. The latter lasts 90 minutes. During this time, you must try your best and answer multiple choice questions. The topics refer to the scientific concepts and hair services as well as facial hair and skin care services.

As for the topics of the practical one, they are about the setup and the protection of the clients. Haircutting, chemical waving as well as shaving with a straight razor, virgin hair lightening, and chemical relaxing are all included in the program.

Try to be fast and neat as this takes 100 minutes. Note that you are to take your supply kit and mannequin head with you and work with them during these minutes.

The board reviews your tests and sends you written notice which is going to tell you about the results in detail. In case, you have successfully passed, they’ll issue you the permit and you’ll be able to work in the state as an authorized expert.

Renewal Procedure

If you receive the document and start working do not forget about updating it when the time comes. This is no less important as it is the key to continuing your operations. You are to update it in odd-numbered years.

More precisely, you are to do it by September 30. You can do it online without any difficulty. The State Board’s online certificate updating portal is designed to help you. To achieve the renewal, deliver the $52 fee.

Note that there is no necessity in continuing the education currently for this process, but it is always advantageous. This is because the demand for haircutters is getting huge day by day and it will help you be aware of the current trends.

Continuing your education means that you’ll strengthen your position in the market and increase the number of your clients.

Note For The Reader

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