Utah License Plate Lookup

Utah License Plate Lookup

All the vehicles should have a license plate in Utah. Because this is the only way to drive legally in the state.

Utah State Tax Commission is responsible for license plates. Particularly, the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues license plates. But the division is not responsible for drivers’ licenses. Only the Driver’s License Division issues driver’s licenses.

Important Things to Know About Utah License Plate Lookup

Are you looking up a Utah license plate? Then, you are in the right place.

Definitely, there are some important things to know. They will make your Utah license plate lookup easier.

UT requires both front and rear license plates. This is an obligation for most types of vehicles. But there are exceptions as well. For example, you need only rear license plates for trailers and semitrailers. Motorcycles also should have only a rear plate.

Like Michigan license plates, Utah license plates’ character limit is also 7. But you should be careful. Because this character limit is only for standard license plates. But even there you can find an exception like for “In God We Trust” plate. This plate can only have a maximum of 5 characters.

Besides, there is a special group of license plates. Their character limit is also 5. Meanwhile, the license plate character limit for motorcycles is 4.

Additionally, there’s a special law about license plate readability. The license plate should be visible from 100 feet. It is during the daylight. But it doesn’t apply to the visibility of the slogan. Thus, the most important thing is the license plate number.

There are restrictions in license plate messages as well.

License Plate Character Restrictions

You should be careful while personalizing your license plate. There are restrictions for license plate characters.

License plates shouldn’t have any symbols. There shouldn’t also be any punctuation marks. For example, you can’t use dashes and comas.

Also, the license plate can’t be similar to another existing plate.

There is also no 0 number. Instead, there is an O.

The combination of license plate characters shouldn’t show something out of respect.

Particularly, the law banes license plates conveying the following messages.

  1. They have some connection with drugs.
  2. There are hate massages. For instance, it is based on race, gender, age, and so on.
  3. You can trace any vulgarity.
  4. The massage conveys some dangerous meaning. For example, it is a tread for public welfare.

Getting License Plates in Utah

Getting a license plate in UT is a must. Otherwise, you can’t drive legally.

A license plate is an inseparable part of the registration. DMV registers your vehicle. Then, you receive the standard license plate.

It is a must to register your car within 60 days.

You must provide some date to get a license plate in UT.

  1. You should show your driver’s license.
  2. It is also a must to have vehicle insurance. Moreover, the insurance should be from the UT licensed company.
  3. You should also complete a vehicle inspection. It is also should be done by a certified representative.
  4. There is also a need to have an emission certificate.
  5. You may also be required to have a safety inspection.

You should apply in person.

Temporary License Plates in Utah

There may be many cases when you need a temporary license plate. It is a temporary permit to drive legally.

There are 6 temporary permits in Utah.

  1. A permit from the dealer. This is for UT residents who just bought the car. The dealer can give a temporary permit for up to 45 days.
  2. In-transit permit. This is the permit for up to 4 days.  You can use it to drive the vehicle from the starting point to the destination.
  3. On the spot permit. The permit is valid for a maximum of 15 days. You can get it from the On the Spot stations. The permit is for giving you time to obtain safety and emission certificates.
  4. Renewal express permit. The validation period is 30 days. You can order it from DMV Renewal Express.
  5. Permit for transferring ownership. You may need it if you just bought a used car. This permit will give you time to get all the necessary documents. You can get it from Utah’s Motor Vehicle Portal (MVP).
  6. A permit from DMV. It gives time to obtain the vehicle documents and plate. The validation period is based on the case. Generally, it depends on how long it will take to collect all the necessary documents and plates.

Renewing License Plate in Utah

Your license plate is valid for only a year in Utah. Thus, you need to renew it each year. The license plate expires at the exact month you got it last year.

You should renew it with DMV.

In General, DMV notifies you about the expiration date. Usually, you get a mail some weeks before the due date.

It is better to apply for a renewal 60 days prior to expiration. However, you can’t apply for a renewal if more than 6 months have already passed. In this case, you should apply again for the license plate.

There are 3 renewal options: in person, online, and by mail.

In-Person Renewal

In-person renewal is the best option if there is little time left. Because the process will be quicker.

You should visit one of your local DMV offices to renew your license plate in person.

You will need to provide some documents as well.

  1. You should have a safety inspection test.
  2. Having an emission test is also required.
  3. Also, provide renewal notice. Though, it is not obligatory.
  4. The last step is paying the fee for renewal.

Online Renewal

DMV has an official website to renew online. The name of the website is Renewal Express.

There are some requirements for online renewal as well.

  1. You must have a recent DMV registration.
  2. The vehicle shouldn’t have any current changes owner.
  3. You shouldn’t also have any renewal fee exception.

Note: You should enter the PIN code. DMV sends it to you among with the renewal notice. If you haven’t got any notice insert other data. For example, license plate number or zip code.

By Mail Renewal

It is a must to have a renewal notice to use the mail renewal method. Otherwise, you can’t use this method.

You should provide all the same documents as for in-person renewal. But unlike in-person renewal, the renewal notice should be provided.

Replacing License Plate in Utah

UT gives you a chance to change your license plates. You can apply to replace a license plate if it is worn. There may also be cases when you accidentally lost it or someone stole the plate.

You can apply for license place replacement only in person. Thus, you need to visit one of your local DMV offices.

There are also some documents you must provide.

  1. You should write your license plate number.
  2. Having a vehicle identification number is also a must.
  3. You should also provide a car registration certificate.

Transferring and Surrendering License Plate in Utah

UT doesn’t require you to return your license plates to the state. They are considered your own property. However, the license plate shouldn’t be on the vehicle if it is no longer yours. For instance, you sold it or gifted it. In this case, you must remove the license plate.

You can also transfer your license plate. For instance, if you bought a new car and no longer use the old one. But note that it will not be possible for all cases.

License Plate Fees in Utah

Your license plate is a part of registration. Because you only get a license plate when you register your vehicle. Thus, the license plate fees are based on different factors.

Generally, the fee depends on the license plate type. But it is to the addition of the registration fees.

UT counts registration fees according to two factors. First, the age of the car decides the fee. You pay less when your vehicle is older. For instance, the fee for a car 3 to 6 years old is $110. Meanwhile, the fee for vehicles more than 12 years old is $10.

The second one is a uniform fee. The fee is the vehicle’s taxable value multiplied by 1% or 1,5%.

The fee for a license plate may vary. For example, you will pay an additional $17 for a specialty license plate. Meanwhile, the fee for personalized license plates may range from $21 to $66. They depend on the license plate type you want to personalize.

Available License Plate Types in Utah

UT suggests 3 different types of license plates: standard, personalized, and exempt. The state also gives the possibility to personalize license plates.

You can choose from 3 standard license plates in UT. They carry 3 official license plate slogans.

Specialty license plates have only 5 characters. You can find more than 60 specialty license plates. But not everyone can get them. It is a must to meet some requirements to be qualified for specialty license plates.

There are also exempt license plates. This kind of license plate is only for vehicles under the control of public entities.

In some cases, you can personalize your license plate. You should mail the Application for Personalized Plates to the DMV office. The office may decline your application for one or more reasons. Check our banned Utah license plates page for more details.

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