Utah Real Estate License

Utah Real Estate License

Becoming a real estate agent might be a rewarding investment, as well as an enjoyable experience.

If you are planning to get a real estate agent license in Utah, this guide is here to help you. If you want detailed information on the licensing process, then continue reading.

The time it will take you to become a real estate agent in Utah

Getting a real estate license may seem complicated, but you can easily get yours providing that you complete some necessary stages and meet some prerequisites.

To become a real estate agent in Utah, you must complete 120 hours of Pre-Licensing education at most one year before you apply for a license. The 120 hours must include ownership of real estate, contracts, property management, settlement, federal taxation, math, finances, valuation, as well as state laws and regulations concerning the real estate market in the state of Utah.

These courses will give you a necessary knowledge for your future profession. To put it differently, it will supply you with the essential educational foundation to succeed in your career path as a real estate agent.

Get your Utah real estate license in some easy steps

You need to correspond with these prerequisites:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and a US citizen
  • You must have finished high school or an equivalent educational institution
  • You must not have a felony in the last five years or crime of theft, misrepresentation or dishonesty in the last three years from the end of the conviction, petition or any imprisonment or imprisonment sentence.
  • You must have good reputation and morals

Once you meet the above-mentioned prerequisites, you can now follow the steps below:

  1. Successfully complete 120 hours of Pre-Licensing education and get the certificate of completion
  2. After completing the course, pass the final course exam with a score of 70% or higher
  3. The next stage, that follows pre-licensing, is to pass the state licensing exam. Pass the 130 multiple-choice question test exam. It will cost you $59. Make sure you make the payments during exam reservation.
  4. Complete an online application for a real estate license within 90 days.
  5. Pay the license fee of $157.

The cost of obtaining a real estate license in Utah

As one may guess, for every profession you need to get a license. The same situation is for Utah real estate license. Nonetheless, the process is not free and you will be required to pay some fixed fees before you appear on the Utah real estate license lookup.

Getting your real estate agent license in Utah will cost you between $616 and $816, including the pre-licensing course ($600-$800), pre-licensing exam ($59) and the license fee ($157).

The sum of money a real estate agent make in Utah

A real estate agent in Utah makes much money every year. The average salary is approximately $70-83k per year.

The amount of salary also depends on the number of clients and, of course, the company you are going to work for. So, make sure you always improve the quality of your work to have more clients.

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