Utah Security License

Utah Security License

Consider obtaining a license in Utah if you want to contribute to public peace. The requirements for the worker with or without arms are mainly similar. But there are additional musts for the guards with arms.

Unarmed Private Security Officer

To get a license for unarmed agents, a person must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • hold a social security number and state driving permission
  • have a proper moral character
  • not suffer from drunkenness or drug addiction. For this, a drug test is required.
  • have a clear criminal history. The applicant must not be convicted of a felony, misdemeanor including moral turpitude, or other sorts of crime. For the following purpose, a background check is necessary.
  • submit fingerprints – electronically or non-electronically
  • not have any unrestored mental defect declared by the court
  • have language proficiency
  • take 24 hours of classroom training and receive an acceptable score of a minimum of 80%
  • be a citizen of the US or qualified alien with a work permit

Compared to Colorado, a medical document is not a prerequisite there.

Future officers ought to pass 8 hours of training. In that lesson, prospective specialists learn management and control of emergencies, the legal use of force, report writing, proper detention of suspects, and so on. In the end, they need to sit for an exam and score a minimum of 80%.

Keep in mind that the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing should have approved the course. Otherwise, it would not be acceptable.

Armed Private Security Officer

All the mentioned prerequisites apply to guards equipped with guns as well. Along with those requirements, they have to successfully pass 2 types of courses approved by DOPL. First, they have to complete 8 hours of training course. The second one is 12 hours of firearm class. In the last case, candidates learn how to handle firearms and other kinds of weapons. In addition, they also learn in which instances the US law allows using guns legally. Last but not least, they study the state laws.

Armored Car Security Officers

These applicants ought to be at least 21 years of age. Besides, passing a basic classroom program and weapons use program is vital. For the legal framework of this type of certification, check the region regulations.

Licensing Application

DOPL is the entity that administers certification. There is a petition that a person should complete marking which kind of permission she or he intends to gain. There are 2 options for delivery. You can either take it to the mentioned agency of the Department of Commerce or send it via mail. At the end of the request, there are 2 different addresses mentioned.

Also, you have an option of two kinds of certificates – an interim permit or a license. You can gain formal permission faster than ordinary hard docs. You will get the interim one within 1-2 days through email and the other one – within two weeks. Those who had a criminal record will be reviewed by the board. Subsequently, they would get it within nearly 2-3 weeks.

License Costs

Application fee – $90

Renewal fee – $42

License Renewal

The legal document is valid for two years. Afterward, you have to renew it. For that, just complete an application.

There are separate reinstatement forms for unarmed, armed, or armored guards. In addition to applying and signing an affidavit, you also ought to take 32 hours of education in core and professional subjects. However, extra preparation is required for armed and armored professionals which you can see in the renewal reinstatement forms. Lastly, supporting documents may be required if you answered “yes” to qualifying questions.

License Transfer

Being a qualified officer in other territories of the US means you may qualify for licensure in this state too. In that case, you don’t need extra continuing education.

The following territories don’t recognize the Utah security license: Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, South California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Maine.

Others either have reciprocity agreements or recognize concealed carry firearms permits.

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