Utah Tattoo License

Utah Tattoo License

If you are passionate about tattoos, art, and design, becoming an artist can be a fulfilling job for you. Like many other creative professions, tattooing is not for the faint of heart. Getting a profession as an artist comes at a high cost and requires a large amount of work, but the payback can be enormous.

There are several ways to become an artist. There are, however, some basic stages that all prospective artists must do in order to increase their skill level, gain trade knowledge, and perfect the art of tattooing.

How to get a license to tattoo?

Request a registration packet for a tattoo technician permit from your district’s department of health. County offices are responsible for those. Each district in which you will be working requires enrollment, which may be different from district to district.

Examine all of the materials that are in the enrollment kit. Tattoo artists will receive a copy of Utah’s “Regulations for Body Art Facilities” as well as a copy of the client notification explaining the risks associated with body art and skin piercing treatments. Both publications provide information that artists must read and comprehend.

Get a Hepatitis B vaccination or fill out a decline form if you don’t want to

Any Utah health facility that offers the Hepatitis B vaccine can provide you with a declination form. It must be accompanied by proof of immunization or declination.

Complete a course on blood-borne pathogens for your Utah Tattoo License

Courses on bloodborne infections are referred to as exposure control classes. The county’s department of health or a district-authorized third party may teach approved those.

You need to pay the course charge in addition to the enrollment fee. Some counties may require the artist to show a tattoo method that includes information about exposure control in addition to finishing the training.

Return the completed registration form to the appropriate county office

Include all supporting documentation as well as the appropriate registration fee. The technician’s enrollment is not complete until she receives her certificate from the county. Fees vary by jurisdiction and can cost anywhere from $50 to $85.

You need to display the registration certificate as required by the district. It should be visible to the customer.

Renew the certificate

The length of time it takes to renew a license varies by district and can be one or more years. Check the requirements in your area. When it comes to renewing a license, there is normally a price.

Required documents

On your application day, make sure you have the following documents ready as well:

  • Proof of identity
  • Signed and filled out the application form
  • Training course certificate

After you have successfully met all these requirements you’ll get the permit. However, if you plan to work on your own, the state may require you to obtain a business permit as well.


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