Utah HVAC License

Utah HVAC License

If you obtain a Utah HVAC license, you have freedom. As you do not need to report to your supervisor, you can negotiate your payment yourself and choose your jobs. If you want to work as an HVAC artificer in Utah without a supervisor, you need to obtain a license.

Are there different types of HVAC licenses in Utah?

There are different types of HVAC licenses in Utah. So here they are:

  • HVAC Contractor Licenses
  • NATE Certifications
  • EPA Certifications

HVAC Contractor Licenses

If you obtain an HVAC contractor license in Utah, you can service, repair, and install a diversity of HVAC units. You do not need a supervisor. This type of license gives you an opportunity to earn about $79,000. You can make a higher salary if you work with larger units or in urban areas.

You can find 5 different categories in Utah, and choose whichever you want. So here they are:

  1. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  2. Evaporative Cooling
  3. Refrigeration
  4. Refrigeration Air Conditioning
  5. Warm Air Heating

A lot of artificers perform to work with the standard HVAC license. But there are technicians, who specialize in bay areas, like industrial heating or commercial food cooling.

EPA Certifications

You will be required to have an EPA certification, too. If you obtain this type of certification you will have proof of being capable of safety, when you work with units containing refrigerants.

NATE Certifications

This type of license is an optional HVAC license. It is not obligatory to obtain it. A North American Technical Excellence certification is proof that an artificer has attended additional training. And that you know common types of HVAC units. You can make $30 to $36 in an hour.

How much does it cost to obtain a Utah HVAC license?

The costs of licenses differ. It depends on the type of license. For an HVAC contractor license, you have to pay $200 for the application. And you can pay $100 or more and apply for a license in additional subclasses.

As there are exams to take, you have to pay for them, too. For the HVAC exam, you need to pay $110, and for the business and law exam, you need to pay $79. All in all, you have to pay about $500 for your HVAC license in Utah.

Who issues HVAC licenses in Utah?

The Utah Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing issues HVAC licenses.

How to Get a Utah HVAC License?

There is one requirement for getting an HVAC license in Utah. You must have four years of experience in the HVAC industry over a ten-year period. You do not need schooling for a Utah HVAC license. In order to get the experience, you can work with any licensed HVAC contractor. And you can attend trade schools like Utah Contractor License Center.

When you gain experience, next you have to apply for the license in the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. In order to apply, you have to provide some important proof of things:

  1. Firstly, you have to provide proof of your experience
  2. Secondly, you have to provide your financial responsibility
  3. Then, you will need to provide proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance
  4. And lastly, you need to provide proof of registration with the Utah Division of Corporations.

When the application is approved, you will have exams.

Do you need to take exams in order to get your HVAC license in Utah?

You need to take an exam to get an HVAC license in Utah. It takes you three hours to take the exam. It consists of 75 questions. If you answer 53 of the questions correctly, you will pass it. You do not need to remember all the HVAC codes because you can make copies of the ACCA’s HVAC manuals and the International Mechanical Code, and take them with you.

What refers to a business and law exam, it is two hours. The exam has 60 questions, but it is an open book exam. And you can study by yourself. You can take an online course in order to prepare for it.

Do you need to renew your HVAC license in Utah?

When you obtain an HVAC license, you have to renew it every two years. In order to renew your license, you will be required to pay a small fee and six hours of education courses.

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