Utah Marriage License

Utah Marriage License

Are you thinking of having your happiest and most special day in the State of Utah? If yes, you must get the appropriate information on marrying in Utah. Firstly, the most important part is getting a Utah marriage license before performing the marriage ceremony.

So, here we will discuss these and other issues on getting a marriage license in Utah.

How to get a Utah Marriage License?

The applicants may apply to any county in the State of Utah to get a marriage license. If either applicant is not a US resident and does not have a home address in the US, he or she may use the address of the Utah County Clerk’s office.

The address is:

Utah County Clerk’s office
111 S University Ave,
Provo, UT 84601

The couples may apply for the license both in-person and online. However, even if they apply for it online, they both must be present in the county while obtaining the license. The Utah marriage license may be available for use anywhere in the US.

As well as in Utah, marriage licenses issued in another state of the US are available. However, it will meet Utah Marriage Law requirements and does not violate any Utah law.

When to use your Utah marriage license?

The period of using the marriage license of the Utah County is within 30 days from the date of getting it. So, if you do not use your marriage license during these days, the date of it will expire. Moreover, it will no longer be applicable.

In this case, you’d better return your license to the County from where you got it. Keep in mind that the money you paid is non-refundable. So, if you decide to apply for a new marriage license you must pay the same fee.

Who may and may not marry in the State of Utah?

Utah does not have too strict requirements for the people who want to marry. For instance, same-sex marriages, common-law marriages, etc are accepted here.

However, there are some marriage examples that are not allowed in Utah. One of them is cousin marriages. So, you may not marry a person who is your first cousin or anyone nearer than that. Nevertheless, Utah is not that strict on this issue, too and we have an exception here. People who are first cousins but are older than 65 years may marry In Utah.

Another marriage that Utah does not allow is marrying more than one person at the same time. Practically, it is not impossible, but you can not legally marry this way.

Age Requirements

Like other states of the US, Utah also has some restrictions while getting a marriage license. One of them is age restriction that has special requirements every applicant must meet.

The legal age of getting married in Utah is 18 years old. However, people who are less than 18, but at least 15 years old also may marry. Only for them, there are some additional requirements. So, let’s look at these age examples step by step:

  • If you are 18 years old or older, you just need to fill out the application form, meet all the requirements, and provide the required documents. After doing these steps you will get your marriage license.
  • If you are less than 18 years, but at least 16 years old, you must fill out the application form, as well as get consent from your parents or guardians. Check with your local County what additional documents you will need.
  • And finally, if you are 15 years old you may marry in Utah, but only with the permission of a judge. Get more information at your local County and then apply for the marriage license.

Note: If you were previously married and now want to marry again, you may get the license even if you are still under 18 years old.

How much is the marriage license in Utah?

The fee for the marriage license in Utah is $50 (including two certified copies). Though these copies are enough, you may get other additional copies each of $6.

You may do the payment by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX).

Required Documents

There are some standard papers that you must provide while applying for the marriage license. However, if you are under the appropriate age or have some difficulties, check with the local County about other papers.

All the documents must be valid and prove the real age and identity of an applicant.

Here is the list of the required documents that any applicant must provide:

  • State-Issued ID Card
  • Photo ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Divorce Decree or Marriage Annulment (if previously married)

Required Information

In the application form, the applicants must provide accurate information on their personal life. Moreover, they must include the personal information of their parents.

Here you can see what to include in the application form:

  • your and your spouse’s names, ages, addresses
  • date of birth
  • birthplace (city, country, state) and current residence
  • parents’ full names (including mother’s maiden names)
  • parents’ birthplaces (city, country, state)
  • the number of marriages
  • the date and the place of the divorce

Errors in the application form

In case there are some errors in the application form, the applicants must correct them before finalizing the license. However, there are two ways of correcting the errors:

  1. If the applicant applies to correct an error in the application BEFORE finalizing the license by the marriage officiant, there is no payment needed.
  2. If the applicant applies to correct an error in the application AFTER finalizing the license by the marriage officiant, there is an additional fee of $10.

How to get a marriage license online in Utah?

For the people who do not want to spend time and go to the Marriage License Office, there is another way to apply for the marriage license. So, they may fill out and send an online application.

Step 1: Answer two questions given and provide a valid email to get a confirmation link. The link will be sent only to the first applicant. However, both applicants must join in the virtual meeting through the same link.

Step 2: You and your future spouse do not have to be in the same location. As well as, you must not complete the application together at the same time. So, the first applicant may submit the application, then the second one.

Step 3: You both must provide the required documents: valid photo ID, military ID, driver’s license, and so on.

Step 4:  Be ready to pay the required fee for the marriage license. You may pay by credit cards only (Visa, MasterCard).

Step 5: Confirm your application and wait for the answer.

Do not forget that you and your spouse must be present at the County while obtaining your marriage license!

How to get a copy of a marriage license in Utah?

For getting a certified copy of your marriage license, you may contact the County where your license was issued or the Utah County Clerk.

You must provide your personal information (name, age, address, etc.), as well as mention the date of the marriage. After providing all the required information and paying the fee of $10, you may get a copy of your marriage license.

For more information you can mail:

111 S University Ave
Provo, Utah 84601

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