Utah Plumbing License

Utah Plumbing License

Utah Plumbing License is a permit for people who want to work as pipefitters. There are several essentials and classifications that all applicants should consider. Here pipefitters are classified as:

  • Journeymen
  • Residential Journeymen
  • Masters
  • Residential Masters

Main Requirements For Licensure

First, you must become a trainee. Afterward, you can apply for other kinds of permissions. Also, to obtain the certificate, you need to have specific expertise. For this purpose, the applicants should gain knowledge about the sphere. In addition, field-related courses and experience are also required.

Note that each type of licensure category has its requisites. Make sure to follow the regulations to obtain the permit.

Journeyman Plumber Requirements

Pay attention to the following steps if you want to work as a Journeyman Plumber (JP). The applicants have to complete:

  • 8,000 hours of schooling over a 48 month period, including lessons as trainees or
  • 16,000 hours of instruction in the workplace and apprentice lessons in 8 years
  • an application, which is available online and in hard copy 

Other requisites include payments and testing.

Residential Journeyman Plumber (RJP) Essentials

RJP requisites are quite close to the above-mentioned requirements. Precisely, these experts are obliged to fulfill:

  • 6,000 hours of instruction in 36 months, together with apprentice lessons or
  • 12,000 hours of work training and lectures as mentees in six years

In this case, as well, you have to fill in the same form as for JP.

The rest of the pipe installation categories have similar conditions. The main difference is connected with time arrangements.

Also, in some cases, you may need to provide the Contractor Permit  to conduct some types of work within the state.

Utah Plumbing License Exam

To receive the document, all candidates have to pass an examination. The latter consist of two divisions. Those are notional and practical sections. In general, the written segment has 120 questions. During the non-theoretical portion, you must complete two projects. Also, consider that the assessments may differ for each type of licensure. Some categories differ in theoretical parts. You will be able to pass the exam if you earn 70% and more. This refers to any of the assessments.

Training Courses

To successfully pass your test, you would want to prepare for it. You can register for both online and offline instructions. Search the Plumbers Training Institute’s website to find more information.


You should renew your certificates every even-numbered year. The expiration date is November 30. Pipefitters should renew their certificates online before the end date. If you are a contractor, you should extend your authorization biannually. As in Illinois,  here as well you need to participate in continuing education classes. Only in this case, you can get an extension. You are obliged to fulfill 12 hours of continuing learning each two-year permit term.

Utah Plumbing License Fees

There are several expenses that the applicants should consider. For instance, the apprentice application costs $116. The written assessment fee is $68. However, you need to pay $100 to take the experimental exam. In addition, the applications for all four types of certifications cost $116. Moreover, the candidates must pay $63 to renew their warrants.

Authorization Reciprocity

Utah does not have an agreement with other states regarding the licensure. However, it provides approval by endorsement at each level of the warrant. A map will help you find out licensing by approval for plumbing contractors.


It is possible to verify your permission. For that purpose, use an electronic system. Check up on the official page of Permit Lookup and Verification System.

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